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Semi Towing Company Assists in Accident Recovery

Truck Runs Stop Sign and Crashes into SUV, Semi Towing Company Assists in Recovery 

Semi towing company, Ed’s 24 Hour Service recently sprang into action to assist in a roadside accident in Marion, OH. It all began when a truck carelessly ran a stop sign, colliding with an unsuspecting SUV. Both vehicles veered off course, crashing through the guardrail in a rather unfortunate turn of events. The trucks involved were a 2023 Freightliner Cascadia and a dry van.

Thankfully, Ed’s 24 Hour Service wasted no time, swiftly deploying a team of five skilled professionals to the scene of the incident, which occurred at the intersection of Harding Hwy W and Marion Williamsport Rd. Armed with their heavy-duty wrecker service van and a reliable rotator, they were well-equipped to handle the situation at hand.

Once the semi towing company crew arrived, they got to work. The first step involved separating the trailer, laden with a weighty cargo of 25,000 pounds, from the tractor. Carefully maneuvering the rotator, they swung the trailer around and positioned it safely back onto the road, skillfully reuniting it with the road tractor.

Completing their mission with finesse, Ed’s 24 Hour Service swiftly cleared the area of any spilled oil, employing the assistance of a mini excavator and a trusty dump truck.

In an impressive display of efficiency and expertise, this entire operation was wrapped up in just one hour and forty minutes, a testament to the professionalism and dedication of Ed’s 24 Hour Service.

The heroic efforts of this remarkable semi towing company serve as a reminder that in times of unexpected roadside mishaps, there are skilled heavy duty towing professionals like those at Ed’s 24 Hour Service ready to come to the rescue. Amazing job, team! 

Details of Truck Runs Stop Sign and Crashes into SUV, Semi Towing Company Assists in Recovery 

Semi towing company, Ed’s 24 Hour Service recently came to the rescue after an accident in Marion, OH. A truck ran a stop sign and t-boned an SUV, sending both vehicles through the guard rail. The vehicles were a 2023 Freightliner Cascadia and a Dry Van. The truck jackknifed hard into the bottom of the ditch resulting in the guard stuck in the drive tires and the rear axle hanging up on a drainage pipe. 

The semi towing company immediately dispatched a team of 5 to the location on Harding Hwy W & Marion Williamsport Rd.  A heavy duty wrecker service van and the rotator were sent by the semi towing company to clean up this recovery. In addition, 5 members of the semi towing company were dispatched to the scene. This included four drivers and one service tech.

To start the job, the semi towing company first separated the trailer that was loaded with 25k pounds from the tractor. The semi towing company crew then swung it around the rear of the rotator, placed it on the roadway, and hooked it to the road tractor.  

With the cab pushed off the frame of the tractor, unfortunately, it would not straighten up as it was lifted out of the ditch. So, the semi towing company team members rotated it to the opposite side of the truck and uprighted it as it sat down on the pavement. Further cleanup of the spilled oil was completed with the mini excavator and dump truck. The job took the semi towing company 1 hr and 40 minutes to complete. 

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