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Heavy Towing Company Assists After Tractor and Trailer Roll Over

Tractor and Trailer Carrying 28,000 lbs Needs Heavy Towing Company after Roadside Accident

Ed’s 24 Hour Service, a trusted heavy towing company in Findlay, OH, recently assisted a tractor trailer driver who got into an accident on the I-75 South. The driver’s trailer had separated from his tractor, and both vehicles rolled over on the freeway. 

The local heavy towing company sprung into action, sending Heavy Operator and Driver Manager, Kris, and Heavy Service Tech, Carman, to mile marker 157.

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Upon arriving at the location, they were met by the driver and the Ohio State Patrol. The heavy recovery team realized that both the trailer and tractor were significantly damaged by the accident. 

Working carefully and efficiently, the Ed’s 24-Hour Service crew members uprighted both vehicles. The expert crew was able to upright the trailer carrying 28,000 lbs of aluminum wheels and the tractor within 1.5 hours. 

The Ed’s 24 Hour Service team cleared the area quickly and safely and traffic resumed on the freeway. Kudos to the Findlay towing company on a job well done! 

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Details of Tractor and Trailer Carrying 28,000 lbs Needs Heavy Towing Company after Roadside Accident

Heavy towing company, Ed’s 24 Hour Service, recently assisted a customer located in Findlay, OH. The heavy towing company dispatcher answered the call from a tractor trailer driver who needed assistance on the I-75 South, mile marker 157.

The customer called the heavy towing company because his tractor had separated from his trailer. Both units, unfortunately, rolled over and were stuck on the freeway. The heavy towing company sent out two of their operators — Kris, a heavy operator and driver manager, and Carman, a heavy service technician.

The heavy towing company crew brought with them, a Century 1075 rotator, a Vulcan v-50, and a heavy service van. They made their way to the location, where they were met by the tractor trailer driver and the Ohio State Patrol. 

Once they arrived, the heavy towing company team assessed the situation. Both the trailer and tractor were heavily damaged in the accident. The trailer was loaded with 28,000 lbs of aluminum wheels and both the tractor and trailer were rolled. The heavy towing company started the recovery by uprighting the tractor with a low line. They then hooked it to the Vulcan V-50.

From there, the heavy towing company operator and technician drug the rear of the trailer over in order to open up a lane of traffic. Next, they set the rotator up on the top side of the trailer and pre-picked the front and rear to get straps underneath. Unfortunately, the trailer was heavily compromised towards the rear.

To complete the recovery, the heavy towing company lifted it with 3 lines and caught it with one. Lastly, they sling-towed the trailer back with the rotator. In total, it took the heavy towing company crew 1.5 hours to complete the recovery.

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